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Infinite Points


Through magnifying the details of the city, the yet to be found memories transcends its chaotic state. Lee explores the order of narrative with fragments in the city. By observing and manipulating different archival footages from the news, such as the fire hazard from mini storage, umbrella movement, smog and so on, she extracts and enlarges the details. Consequently, such past events are positioned as alternative starting points to reconstruct a nameless space. The metaphors as invisible sky in the city bring all kinds of imagination for the future.


The flowing of  smoke brings a hollow and abstract metaphor. It keeps wandering in the air and then leave with traces of nothingness. The images tend to hide themselves in the world. Their blurry state cannot be shown in the thick smoke. The hollow and abstract flowing of smoke seems to be unable to stay in the air, but accumulates at many infinite points and then disperses. Nevertheless, it instantly glides to the front, like having its own will that continues to grow.



Each micro thing in the memories of the city may not be visible throughout these years. They are unexceptional but tingling, which are sometimes absent in our everyday life. The poetic smoke obscures the violence from afar, even you try to walk through the smog and stay in situ, you can only grasp some fragmentary stories from other people. It is impossible to distinguish those are real or fictional. Human wanders in the rupture between the narrative time and the fragmented trivium. Those afterimages that worth being remembered are eternality, or maybe nightmares. The unnamed micro objects hover along the borders; they are highly dependent in order to constitute their existence. The existence is born with tension and powerlessness.





煙霧流動作為一個虛浮的意象,在空氣中不斷的遊走然後留下虛空的痕跡。景象隱隱於世,其迷糊狀態在濃煙中無法展示。虛浮抽象的煙霧流動,似乎不能在空氣中永久停留,從無限原點產生、累積,然後於眾多消失點散去,但瞬間又掠過眼前, 像擁有自己意志的氲氤般不斷生成。


這些年間,迷你城市的記憶中的種種迷你, 微小而且刺痛,未必人人所能見,或缺席於你我的生活場景。煙霧迷漫的詩意隱藏他方的暴力,即使你穿越霧霾, 卻永遠只能聽到別人叙述的故事,無法掌握那是事實還是虛構的共通視野。人們在眾多被叙述的時間狹縫中遊走,零碎的小故事在生活裡被擱下,值得紮根在記憶裡的殘影便是永恆,或是夢魘。不被命名的微物徘徊在邊界間,邊界必然依賴兩方的實體才可構成,其存在本身帶著張力,同時充滿無力感。

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